MBM Gas stove with gas oven Burner 4x 5.5 kW


Characteristics of the product range

The removable enamelled cast iron Flex burners, each with 5.5 kW or 7 kW, and the brass burner caps have horizontal and self-stabilizing flames for safe cooking and easy maintenance. Each burner has an adjustable power range from a minimum of 1.5 kW to a maximum of 5.5 / 7 kW in order to achieve optimum flexibility. The low-consumption pilot flame is protected inside the main burner. The placement of the burners allows the use of pans with a diameter of up to 40 cm. Due to their size, the enamelled cast iron pan grates are suitable for the dishwasher.


Versions with oven

Double-walled stainless steel cooking chamber with enamelled base, double-walled stainless steel door with insulating layer. The gas oven: has a 6 kW burner (8 kW for the maxi oven) with a self-stabilizing flame, a thermostatic temperature control with safety valve, a thermocouple and a piezoelectric ignition. 3 GN 2/1 level grill holders. The electric oven: has armored heating elements made of stainless steel with 5.3 kW (2.6 kW for the convection oven), which are located in the upper and lower part of the cooking chamber, and a thermostatic temperature control with separate control for top and bottom heat, for maximum flexibility when cooking. 3 GN 2/1 level grill holders (static oven) and 3 GN 1/1 level grill holders (convection oven).



The worktop is made of 1.5 mm thick, rustproof stainless steel AISI 304 Individual pan grates on each burner made of cast iron steel base to have more resistance Developed with IPX5 water protection



High-performance burners with 5.5 kW or 7 kW Certified efficiency at 60% horizontal flame: even heat distribution, ideal for sensitive cooking Electronic ignition (accessory) to optimize the use of burners



The integrated top part without joints and with rounded corners makes it easier to clean the work surface. Water drainage system (accessory) Limited number of screws for surfaces without hurdles. Removable floor for easier cleaning under the machines


Easy maintenance

New chimney easily removable without screws. Installation shaft behind the machines makes it easier to connect to the supply networks. Quick removal of the front panel for immediate access to the components


Dimensions: 700x730x850H mm

Oven dimensions: 560x630x300H mm (6 kW)

Weight: 94 kg

Volume: 0,8 m³