Soft top washing-up, basket 50x50cm

External dimensions : WxDxH (cm) 63,5×74,5×153

Basket dimensions : WxD (cm) 50×50

Tank capacity/hot water heater (lt) : 15 / 6

Electric elem. tank /hot water heater : 2,10

Washing/rinsing pump (kW) : 0,5-

Water consumption (lt/cycle) : 2,2

Door opening (cm) : 45

Softener Supply (N) : 400V 3N 50Hz

Weight (kg) : 100

Volume (m3) :  0.98

Power (kW) : 8,5


Full double-skin construction for the lower body and single-skin for the hood. The hood lifts smoothly and easily with no tight spots, thereby reducing operator fatigue. The hood opening of 45 cm is among the highest of products in this market segment. The tank is entirely press moulded and free of welds and sharp edges; it is equipped with a full-width integral surface filter, which, thanks to its large intake size, is virtually unblockable. The wash chamber is free of internal pipes and sharp corners.

Comprised of four sturdy function keys and a LED display, located on the lower body, which shows the wash and rinse temperatures.

The tank and boiler temperatures can be adjusted, as can the peristaltic dosing units for rinse aid and detergent (if present).

You will save almost EUR 800 every year because LK606 features very low consumption of water, energy and detergent. This dishwasher adjusts to your tableware thanks to its 45 cm useful opening glasses, large dishes, pizza plates, trays and utensils are easily washed. It also fits perfectly within the space you have available: the versatility of the project and the wide availability of service tables allow optimal use in any environment with in line or corner installations. Productivity is high, between 800 and 600 dishes/hour depending on the selected cycle, always running in the utmost silence and with the extraordinary effectiveness of the patented cleaning system with double flow pump and constant pressure spray arms.