Havells Digi Touch Water Purifier


Tk. 25,000


Havells DigiTouch water purifier is a true reflection of how advanced technology and futuristic design can create delightful user experiences. This purifier is an advanced version of Havells DigiPlus. Havells DigiTouch purifier features advanced 8 stage purification technology with double UV purification that gives you safe and healthy drinking water.

Havells DigiTouch RO+UV features a futuristic yet extremely simple design. This advanced 8 Stage RO+UV purifier, not only looks artistically brilliant but provides reliable purification.

Havells DigiTouch comes in a vibrant dual tone combination of champagne and black.

Unlike other water purifiers which feature a tap for water dispensing, Havells DigiTouch comes with a unique feather touch user interface with programmable multi-fill dispensing options like Bottle Fill, Glass Fill and Free Flow.