HITACHI 52L Electric Oven

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Tk. 18,000



  • Capacity: 52L
  • Temperature: Min (room temperature) ~230°C
  • Timer: 120 min (with stay on)
  • Heating element: stainless steel (6 pcs)
  • Function: 4 shifts. Defrost, Broil/Convection, Bake/Convection, Broil/Roast/Convection
  • With rotisserie function.
  • With crumb tray


Model: HOTG-52
The Hitachi HOTG-52 Electric Oven is an ideal pick for anyone who loves to prepare a variety of dishes. It features a simple-to-use design that makes cooking fun and easy. It is suitable for roasting, baking, broiling, and defrosting a variety of foods. It also features the rotisserie function to allow you to roast meat effortlessly. Furthermore, this high-class electric oven comes equipped with stainless steel heating elements that ensure the oven gets heated up quickly, helping you prepare lip-smacking dishes in no time. Furthermore, this electric oven has a large 52L capacity that gives you ample space to cook large amount of foods in one go. All the more, it has a compact design that looks brilliant and makes it a great addition to your kitchen.


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