Midea Microwave Oven 30L

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Tk. 18,500

  1. Midea microwave oven features an LED display.
  2. 30L microwave oven has 11 power levels for flexible cooking.
  3. Cooking delicious meals has never been easier, thanks to the Midea EG930AHM 30L Microwave Oven with Grill.
  4. It has the functionality and design to give you a versatile cooking experience.
  5. With 1000W of grill power, this Midea microwave oven is the perfect choice for grilling chicken and meat.
  6. The capacity of 30L is ideal for your day-to-day cooking needs.
  7. This compact microwave oven is an excellent choice for almost any kitchen countertop. The digital control and LED display makes operation easy.
  8. Remarkable Performance.
  9. This Midea microwave oven provides an even distribution of heat, which is ideal for maintaining the texture and flavor of food.
  10. The grill function gives you the luxury of enjoying delicious chicken and meat in the comfort of your home.
  11. High-Functionality microwave oven gas includes 7 cooking menus that allow you to explore new recipes.
  12. The defrost function evenly warms up the frozen food, making it ready for the cooking process.
  13. The child safety lock keeps you worry-free from the delays due to a canceled program or open door.

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