Ariston LDF 12H14 EX Dishwasher


Tk. 75,000

Origin: Poland



  • Height (cm): 85
  • Width (cm): 60
  • Depth (in cm): 60


Device Features:
Energy class: AAA
Capacity: 14 people
Schedule: 12 wash programs
Digital display (large)
Extremely No Sound

Main functions:
Automatic dual automatic washing
Automatic special washing
Sensitive containers (crystal)
Economic Wash
Highly automatic and automatic washing
20 degrees
A quick wash of 27 minutes
Quick rinse (Dust extraction – Special guest)
Special baby carts, car wash
Usability of multi-purpose detergent packs (In 1 4)
Ability to set the delay schedule at the start of the wash
Ability to stop the program and restart during washing (Pause)
Washing capacity with half the original capacity (1/2 saline)
Warning notification display to add shiny complement
Warning message for adding salt
Emergency Water Discharge System, Time Display, Dry Dryer, Night Wash
Intelligent sensor for setting water level, temperature, pressure and program time (10% reduction in water and energy consumption)
Reduce washing time (30%)
Dual space (for washing dishes)
Frequent washing